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Hiring insurance is essential for a removal operation. We have goods, civil liability, vehicle and warehouse insurance.

Moving home is a difficult time for most families, as in addition to leaving behind what may have been the family home for many years, there are also the complications involved in moving home.

The municipal permits that are obtained after payment of a fee to the local council are mainly those shown below:

Public road occupation permit

This permit or licence is essential before carrying out a removal, as it will allow the removal lorry to occupy the public road. It is advisable to apply for this permit at least 3 days in advance to ensure it is granted by the local council and it usually costs between 50 and 100 euros depending on the council.

Once this permit is obtained, the removal company arranges for signs to be put up forbidding other vehicles from parking in the area of the street chosen for the parking of the removal lorry. These signs last for 24 hours and it is even possible for vehicles parked without permission in that area to be towed away. It is an essential permit so that the household goods can be unloaded from the removal lorry as close as possible to the access to the house.

Road closure permit

If the street is too narrow, it may be necessary to closure it. In order to achieve this, it is also necessary to apply to the local council to obtain the necessary permission. In the case of very busy streets it can be denied, or granted only to carry out the removal on a Sunday, something that also happens in streets where public transport goes by (buses…).

Loading and unloading permits

Depending on the local council where the removal is to be carried out, it may be necessary to apply for a loading and unloading permit in order to be able to load and unload objects on the day of the removal. This is a permit that must be applied for after you have received the permit to occupy the public road. Once this has been obtained, the loading and unloading of goods can be carried out normally. The local police will indicate the authorised place to carry out both activities.

These are the permits required in most local councils in order to carry out a removal in compliance with current legislation. In any case, the application for them will depend on the street and the locality where the removal is to be carried out.

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