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movings (home)

Mudanzas familiares (hogar)

Movings for families and individuals are carried out in flats, houses, villas and townhouses.

The most common tasks used in these services are:

  • Collection and packing of household goods (clothes, footwear, toys, books, documentation, etc.).
  • Packing of crockery, glassware and fragile (delicate) objects.
  • Packing of clothes on hangers (cardboard wardrobes)
  • Dismantling and assembling furniture
  • Packing of furniture (with protective blankets)
  • Packing of furniture for storage (furniture storage) with protective materials such as bubble wrap, “bull-craft”, shrink film, cardboard, foam corners, etc.
  • Dismantling and assembly of paintings, works of art, lamps and curtains.


Depending on the options offered by the homes of origin and destination, we could use the furniture-mounting crane or lifting machine on the facade.

It is important to note that all removals must include goods insurance and civil liability insurance.

We are a company specialised in household and family removals. 

In order to hire this type of service, the customer contacts our office, which will take the necessary information so that later a sales representative can arrange a technical visit to the home of origin (without obligation and free of charge), to explain and advise the customer on the operation of the moving service to be carried out, and solve any doubts that may arise.

During the technical visit, it is very important to find out the client’s needs, to offer the most suitable service for each case and to find out the volume of furniture and personal belongings involved in the removal.

The types of service we offer are:

Complete removal
Semi-complete removal
Removal of only furniture
Comprehensive or VIP removal
Express removal (carriage).

We have all the moving material you may need so that your belongings are as well cared for as possible: boxes, bubble wrap, special cabinets for transport, etc.

In our facilities we have everything you need to store your furniture safely and at ease, as it will be under constant surveillance and under optimum temperature and humidity conditions to ensure it remains in good condition and does not suffer any damage.

Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos has a wide range of vehicles in its fleet with different cubic capacities to personalize the removal and the costs as much as possible. We know that not all removals are large, so why pay extra for unused space in the vehicle?

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