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Emptying of home
and offices

Vaciado de viviendas y oficinas

At Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos we offer the service of emptying and total cleaning of houses or offices to enable their subsequent sale, rental or refurbishment…

We are experts in cleaning and emptying services, removal of rubbish and other contents and removal of furniture. Let the professional experts in house cleaning and emptying take care of cleaning and removing from your home or premises all types of waste, rubbish, old furniture or any other contents you wish to remove. We have our own vehicles for the removal of all types of materials.

Removal of old junk and other household goods

We empty your home by removing all kinds of old junk and other belongings. We take care of removing unusable objects and deep cleaning of the house.

Removal of furniture

We take away all types of old furniture that is no longer of use.

Room renovation and disinfection

We carry out a deep cleaning of all areas of the house for its recovery after an eviction, houses with a large accumulation of uncleanliness, or any case in which a professional cleaning team is needed with special equipment and detergents for a complete disinfection.

Deep cleaning

If you are going to recover the property for renting or even to live in it, ask us for a price for a deep cleaning after the emptying of the property.

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