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Furniture Storage

We have a furniture storage service with more than 3.000m2 at our facilities, located in the Poligono de Argales (the most central industrial park of Valladolid).

Our furniture repository is divided into individual containers of between 20 and 40 m3 each, in which the belongings of our private and business customers are stored independently.

For the furniture storage service, a numbered and detailed inventory will be made of the furniture and belongings that enter our furniture repository for storage. We will also draw up a contract of deposit in accordance with the client, in which everything stored will be covered against theft and fire (copy for the client).

The process of the furniture storage service will be as follows:

  1. Packing at the home address of origin.
  2. Transfer from home to the furniture repository.
  3. Stay and storage (for months, quarters, semesters or years).
  4. Transfer to the destination address.

The warehouse has the maximum security measures against theft and fire, as well as disinfection and rat extermination certificates.

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