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Every company, from a SME to a multinational, has to carry out at least one office relocation during its history. This type of relocation is usually a handicap as it paralyses the day-to-day running of the business.

It is important not to stop our clients’ work during their office removals as this means a financial loss. For this there will be an organisation and coordination of the service to see the times of execution that can least bother our clients. The times and dates of execution are always at the end of the week (Friday afternoon and Saturday).

In all office removals, all the packing material necessary for the packing of belongings and contents of the workstations and common areas will be supplied days in advance.

We dismantle and assemble all office furniture (shelves, tables, cupboards, etc.)
We pack all the furniture with different packaging materials (protective blankets, bubble, “bull-craft”, shrink-wrap film, cardboard, foam corners), depending on its purpose at destination.
We collect all the contents (non-toxic) and furniture for transfer to a waste treatment plant if necessary.
 We manage the municipal permits (parking permit) both at the place of origin and destination, locally and nationally.

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