History of J. Sáez e Hijos

Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos is a family owned
company founded in the 90's in Valladolid (Spain).

In the 90’s Mr. Julián Sáez began to carry out deliveries for the franchise “Mini Mudanzas”, which formerly provided removal services throughout Spain.

Mr. Julián Sáez and his sons decided to set up their own business activity with the creation of Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos S.L. as a family removal company.

This adventure, which has lasted until the present day, has been possible thanks to the effort, dedication, professionalism, responsibility, quality, reliability and experience in each service required by our clients.

At first they were simple deliveries, relocations of people close to the family, but over the years we have grown exponentially until today. We believe we have an important market niche in the removals sector in Valladolid and nationwide in Spain.

Our location has always been in Valladolid but we specialize in national and international removals.

Much effort and dedication in every call, every visit, every service to our customers, have made us have a good reputation as a quality company in removals and storage services.

In each service, we detect the needs of our clients, so that we always offer solutions, alternatives and options on how to carry out each removal or transportation service in the most appropriate, efficient and personalized way.

We believe that for any family it is a problem to gather and move all their lives to another home. For this reason we decided to create a company that makes this task easier for our clients. Our company’s main objective is to be a close and customized company for the client, offering an efficient service with the utmost care in its execution, developed in the best of environments; given the experience of our staff, and of course at the most reasonable price.

We are currently positioned in the ranking of the best 100 removal companies in Spain, and we are one of the most important in our region Castilla y Leon.

In each service we try to seek excellence
l and customer satisfaction.

What makes us different?

Qué nos diferencia


A removal represents a change in people’s lives.

A new beginning looms on the horizon, a window of opportunities opens and there is big excitement about this new change.

However, in order for a removal to go smoothly, it is important to rely on a removal company that offers you a wide range of experience in the sector and has satisfied clients.

Counting on a company that specializes in removals will save you a lot of headaches and stressful situations.

At Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos , we have more than 30 years’ experience, maintaining the same enthusiasm as on the very first day.

Because the most important thing for us is you, we strive every day to offer you the best removal service.

Why should you trust us?

As we already mentioned, WE CARE, and that is why we are committed to ensuring that all your furniture and belongings arrive at their destination in perfect condition, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your most valuable belongings are in good hands.

Because, yes, moving home is stressful, we’re not denying it. Any change is, but it is also stimulating, because of the new start you are about to make.

Decades of experience as a removal company have made us understand that people looking for a removal require a personalised service.

When we receive a call to the office from our potential clients, we draw up a detailed moving plan, and we put at their disposal all our technical and human resources.

Integrated company

Empresas integradas
Icono presupuesto Online

We anticipate problems in order to transform your move into a satisfactory experience.

Thank you for trusting us!


Gonzalo García Fernández
Gonzalo García Fernández
Servicio muy profesional, puntualidad, rapidez y eficacia. Muy recomendable.
julia davies
julia davies
Eficientes y amables. Los mejores
Jose Luis Torres
Jose Luis Torres
Puntualidad y corrección en la prestación del servicio. Lo recomiendo.
Encarna Martín
Encarna Martín
Muy puntuales.La mudanza rápida y sin problemas. Los trabajadores profesionales,simpáticos y serviciales. Muy recomendable
Teresa Rodriguez
Teresa Rodriguez
Satisfecha con el servicio de mudanzas. Muy amables, puntuales y buen precio
Marisa Perez-Bernardo
Marisa Perez-Bernardo
He tenido una grata experiencia con esta empresa de m udanzas. Son rápidos, profesionales y todo muy correcto. Cuidan mucho los muebles y saben cómo instalarlos. Definitivamente, la mejor empresa de mudanzas en Valladolid.
Iris Calaveras
Iris Calaveras
Tuvimos muy buena experiencia en nuestra mudanza. Era nuestra primera mudanza "grande" y fue mucho más rápido y efectivo de lo que podíamos haber esperado. Muy buen trato y muy personalizado, tanto para ver las necesidades y elaborar el presupuesto, como durante el proceso de la mudanza. Si tuviéramos que hacerlo de nuevo, repetiríamos con ellos.
Eficientes y muy cuidadosos. Nos los recomendaron y ha sido un acierto, lo han hecho fácil.
Rubén Del Agua
Rubén Del Agua
Servicio de mudanza profesional, se ponen rápido en contacto para realizar el presupuesto, precio razonable, cuidadosos y metódicos a la hora de desmontar y proteger los muebles para su traslado como también rápidos y con atención al detalle a la hora de montarlos en destino.

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Thank you for trusting us!