We know that when moving house there are many doubts about what you need. We hope that here you will find the answers to some of them, and if not… write to us and we will inform you without obligation.

Removals are characterised by being stressful processes. They are periods of great anxiousness because those of us who move must have everything under control and have organized not only the transfer of our belongings, but also a certain date in which we want to enter our new home. Besides, we would like to leave our home without any problems.

That is why today, from Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos, as specialists in the field of removals, we would like to give you a series of tips to avoid the stress of moving.

In this way, organization is a key factor in avoiding stress because we have to set the most appropriate day for our departure and also be able to count on the help of our friends and family.

At Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos, as removal specialists, we want our customers to feel at ease once they have hired our services.

And you, are you thinking of moving?


In the event that we carry out the move ourselves, with the help of family and friends, and something gets damaged, we will have no choice but to count to ten, take a deep breath, reply with “It’s OK, it doesn’t matter” and give a forced smile. Although you may then think to yourself: “I should have hired a removal company”.

All professional and legal removal and transport companies are obliged by law to have general insurance to protect the goods during loading and unloading or in the event of an accident involving the means of transport. In addition, they must also have compulsory liability insurance to protect the property of third parties and public places and property.

The most professional companies usually offer an extension of the previous insurance, through a personalised full insurance policy, for those who wish to insure their goods of greater economic value. This is an optional service and is paid for separately. The premium to be paid varies according to the total value to be insured. This insurance extension service is necessary so that your belongings are also covered when packing, dismantling and assembling furniture.

Occasionally we may not notice any damage until after the object has been unpacked and placed. For this reason, and to avoid any confusion, it is important to go over each piece of furniture or object to be moved with the person in charge of the removal company, so that we know the conditions of departure and arrival. Undoubtedly, hiring the extended insurance service is a good option.

At Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos, we have the best professionals to carry out your removal safely. Optional all-risk insurance without excess. Ask for an estimate for your removal, without obligation.

1. Pack only what is necessary

2. Make the move with time and organization

3. Only use boxes suitable for moving

4. Other indispensable packing material

5. How to pack each type of object

6. Correct sealing of cardboard boxes

7. Start with the heaviest items

8. Use labels to classify what you pack

9. Optimise space when packing clothes

10. Watch the weight!

It may seem crazy to move at Christmas, but the truth is that it is a great time to do it. Although we don’t all have holidays, there is some flexibility in many companies to take days off. Also, children don’t have school, so there is no need to worry about their timetable. The downside is that during these days there are always a lot of social events. But if we manage to organise ourselves well and follow these tips, moving at Christmas doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Preparing for the move

To avoid surprises and extra work, the best thing to do is to plan everything well. If you usually keep a diary or love lists, you’ll have it easy. If not, these tips are sure to give you a hand.

Book your removal company in advance

Although it may not seem like it, Christmas holidays are a time when the number of removals can increase considerably. Like many other companies, those of us who are movers can see our staff reduced due to holidays or days off. Furthermore, you should bear in mind that the deadlines are not the same for removals in Barcelona as they are for international removals. For this reason, you should contact the removal company as soon as possible to explain your needs and book the service in advance.

Contact your suppliers

Make sure you contact your gas, electricity and water companies in time to notify them of the change of address. If any of these services are missing, Christmas Eve dinner could get a little complicated!

Be aware of the cold

Christmas is a beautiful time. But snow, cold and stormy weather can complicate the move. When packing, remember to have everything you need to keep warm and dry, such as some blankets and maybe a few extra pairs of socks.

Pack a Christmas box

Start putting everything away two weeks in advance, so that you can take it easy. Remember to label everything neatly. Set aside decorations, gifts and your best cutlery for the Christmas meal. This way, preparing and enjoying the Christmas atmosphere will be the first thing you do in your new home.

During the move

If your planning has been right, the move will be half as tedious. Still, we know how stressful it can be and we think these tips can help you get through the day.

Protect the little ones

Moving house can be a sensitive time for children, the elderly and pets. Keep them safe and entertained in a quiet room or place, so they don’t suffer the anxiety of leaving their old home. Of course, if a family member, friend or trusted person can look after them for the whole day, so much the better.

Try to arrive early

In winter it gets dark very quickly, so try to get to the new house before dark. That way we can get our new home warmed up as soon as possible.

Be careful with presents!

The most important thing of all, wherever you go, is to send your new address in good time to family and friends so that they can find you and send you postcards, gifts and even… a surprise visit!

A fraudulent moving company is difficult to identify. In general, fraudulent removal companies tend to operate this way: they offer you low fares over the phone or via the Internet without ever visiting your home or seeing the items you wish to move. There have even been cases where, once the service has been contracted, they ask for more money than agreed in order to deliver the goods, holding your household goods hostage and forcing you to pay more.

To avoid this situation, here are some tips to help you recognise a fraudulent removal company before they take your household goods, with some things to look out for:

  • The moving company does not offer or agree to an inspection of your goods and only gives you a cost estimation over the phone or the Internet. Often, they seem too good to be true and most of them are passed off as true.
  • The moving company only accepts cash as payment or a large deposit prior to the move.
  • The company’s website does not include a local address nor does it provide any information about the company’s licenses or insurance.
  • The mover claims that all your goods are covered by the mover’s insurance.
  • It does not provide you with a “Rights and Responsibilities When Moving” brochure, which they are required by law to give to the customer at the planning stage of moving from one state to another.
  • When you call the moving company, the person who answers the call says generically “movers” or “moving company” and does not mention a specific name of the company.
  • The company’s offices and warehouses are poorly maintained or do not even exist.
  • A rented truck arrives on moving day instead of a properly identified fleet truck.
  • Get a written or digital quote, after you have seen the items to be moved in your house or flat.
  • Don’t choose a service on price alone.

In the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE in Spanish) we can read that “mudanza” (or “removal” in English) means “action and effect of change or moving”, including also the change of a house or room. Its Latin origins clearly point to a resemblance to words such as mutation or mutant. Indeed, the word “removal” originally comes from mudantia, used in Medieval Latin to refer to the same concept. In turn, mudantia alludes to the word mutatio, meaning mutation or change. This is the origin and the aim of this action.

Thus, “removal” refers directly to the change in life which we mentioned at the beginning. In principle, it is a change of a physical nature, but it undoubtedly has various emotional connotations that refer to the challenge of mutation, to a desired improvement, to new horizons, to an improvement in the quality of life… To move is the act of moving or mudantia, a change applicable to a house, a room, a job or an office. In Spanish we even use the term for clothes (“mudarse”), applying the change to our clothing, to adapt it to a new situation. All of this gives us an idea of what the term holds and the windows and opportunities it opens in our lives.

At this stage, you are facing the task of physically moving and this can be a stressful experience for anyone. However, with a little planning, stress can be reduced. First and foremost, start planning early; ideally six weeks to two months before the planned moving date.

It is also a good idea to write down important phone numbers, dates and company names on the moving checklist. This way, all the important information you may need during the move is in one place.

For this purpose, we propose this checklist with all the actions you need to take to make the move a success.

Six weeks before the move

Confirm the moving date with your agent before booking any services.

If you are currently renting, inform your landlords of the proposed moving date in writing. The letter should include the move-out date and clearly indicate the date it was written.

Check if the landlord has any requirements regarding the return of security deposit, moving out, handing over the keys, etc.

Inform your home insurance company of the proposed move-in date. This ensures that your coverage at the new address starts from the day of the move.

If professional moving services are considered, request quotes from a variety of moving companies before making a decision.

They should be informed of any extremely heavy or awkward items that need to be moved and any accessibility problems at any of the properties. A written budget should include:

The type of insurance you have and what it covers.

The number of people used in each move

Whether packing material is included or if there is an additional charge

If professional movers are not an option, try to start asking for help about six weeks before the move. Always ask more people than necessary, there can always be a drop-off.

Reserve storage space, if necessary.

Inform the relevant utility companies about the move and the moving date.

Assess your current belongings and give out/sell everything you can.

Order custom-made furniture, carpets, blinds or curtains at this time if you have accurate information about the measurements of the new property.

Less than two weeks before the move

Pack all non-essential items and clearly label the contents.

Arrange child and pet care for the day of the move if necessary.

Finalise details with your chosen mover and confirm arrival time and addresses of both houses.

If the new house is occupied, finalise details with the current occupant. The arrival time at the new address must be suitable for both the buyer and the seller.

The day before the move

Pack everything you have left in the house and reserve a bag/box with the essentials needed for the day (this can include clothes, toiletries, medicines, food, etc.).

Do a final sweep of the house, closing off each room after it has been inspected.


Between 15 days and one month.

As most of the boxes are made of cardboard, it is easy to recycle them. Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos will deliver them to you beforehand so that you can organise your things yourself, but once the move has been made, after an estimated time, they will be collected for recycling.

The ideal is to flatten them all individually, starting by cutting all the tape off each box with something sharp. Once all the tape is cut, each box should be placed taking as little space as possible.

Well, this will be defined in advance depending on the distance to the destination.

In all cases, in order to occupy the public road, a municipal licence must be requested from the town hall, which allows the loading and unloading of the goods on the day of the removal.

Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos has a furniture storage service that is available for your use in case you need it.

Yes, as long as it is for your habitual residence. Therefore, second homes are excluded.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to move furniture or hire a company to carry out the removal in order to be entitled to this permit.

The ideal is always to receive a visit from our professionals.

The characteristics of the load must be taken into account: the number of pieces of furniture, the dimensions of the objects to be transported. This will determine the type of vehicle to be used to transport them properly.

The loading and unloading conditions are also important: whether there is a lift or forklift at the origin and destination of the transport, etc. The number of personnel required for loading and unloading depends on this.

Another factor that influences the evaluation of the price of a removal is the number of kilometres between the point of collection and delivery of the load.

The first thing to do, first of all, is to have the support of a professional removal company with solid experience such as Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos.

We also have a wide variety of materials, adapted to the specific object to be protected.

We offer comprehensive insurance policies against theft, loss or damage to high-value objects.

If the valuables are very large, special or eye-catching, there are many reliable and secure private valuables transport services available.

Packing your belongings is a service offered by any professional removal company. As for the cost, it depends on the volume, how delicate the belongings are, etc. It would include the different types of packaging, depending on the different items to be transported. At Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos we offer a personalised estimate after a visit to see the service to be carried out.

We also offer the option for the client to do this function, providing free boxes disassembled days before so that, with time, we can have everything ready the day of the move.

In Mudanzas J. Sáez e Hijos, we offer the service of small removals and transportation of loose furniture. For a small move is ideal a van, two people, blankets and a trolley. The cost is very cheap and is done in a morning or afternoon depending on availability.

It all depends on whether the move is a national or international trip, shared or exclusively for you, etc. No problem, within 15 days we will be able to set up a timetable to provide you with a professional service.

If you need a specific date, don’t hesitate to call us so that we can organise it. The sooner the better.

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We anticipate problems in order to transform your move into a satisfactory experience.

Thank you for trusting us!

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